We invite you to become a Partner of Witness2 in sending Bill & Fran to the nations!  
Partnership is established by a gift of any size,  given per mission, given monthly or as led.
-Your Partnership sends the preaching and teaching of the gospel to the untaught, the lost, and the needy across the face of the earth.
-Your Partnership saves souls, delivers the oppressed, and heals the sick.
-Your partnership supports churches in other nations.
-Partners will receive a thank you gift of two teaching CD’s from Rev. Fran.
-Partners will receive our monthly newsletter providing information on missions.
-Partners will receive notice of local meetings.
-Partner gifts are applied to mission expenditures and monthly operations of Witness2.

Together, we are sending the gospel to the nations, and stand on the promise of God that those who sow will reap in this life many time over. Your reply by a donation with your name, address for us to correspond is all that is required.

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