About Us

Since founding Witness2 in 2001, the Grogans have traveled to 13 nations spanning the USA, Africa, Europe, India, and Central America. Revival style meetings with salvations, physical healing and deliverance are the backbone of the ministry. In addition, Witness2 conducts pastors and leadership conferences, open air meetings, and street evangelism.

Winning the lost and empowering disciples is the passion of the Grogans. No nation, town, church, or denomination is excluded; none is too small nor too far to be reached. The burden to carry the gospel to every nation and every tribe is an ever present mandate from the Lord.

The Grogans have over 20 years experience in church administration, outreach ministries, and helps ministry. Fran dramatically quit her career to attend Bible School and fulfill a call to ministry. She is a dynamic and prophetic teacher with a strong healing anointing. Bill had a supernatural deliverance from drugs and alcohol. He has been involved in ministry on various levels for over 30 years testifying of the power of God. Salvations, Holy Spirit baptism, and healings follow wherever the Grogans minister. 


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